Management team

Our boss, Huang Jiejian, graduated from The Department of Machinery of Nanchang University, has been engaged in precision casting for more than 25 years.He is currently the President of Guangdong Precision Casting Association and has served several terms in this position. His precision casting technology and management team has extensive production experience and industry resources to ensure the best OEM service for customers from all over the world.

Letter from the president to the workers

Smart, High Quality, Environmental Protection, Serious, Friendly

Dear coworkers,
Cast Dream is about to enter its 9th year. From an original annual output value of 10 million to nearly 50 million, from no customer to becoming a first-tier casting supplier of Huawei and ZTE; from only one production line to three production lines. Next year, we plan to achieve 70 million yuan of self-production (average of nearly 6 million yuan per month) and an output value of 10 million yuan. Therefore, we hope that everyone will unite and work hard to achieve the goal.

I remember when I opened the factory, I personally wrote two post messages, one called “Talking about” Conscientiousness “, which is related to the company’s theme of earnestness, struggle and friendship. One article is called the “garbage classification system”, which is related to environmental protection, high quality, and intelligence. I regard these six articles as a total of 12 words as the founding credo of Cast Dream Company.

I. Intelligent Production
Use the best and most advanced equipment (equipment, mold, tooling) to organize the production of our factory, save labor resources to the greatest extent, reduce everyone’s labor intensity and improve the working environment, and realize automatic wax injection, burr-free wax pieces, Shell production line, robot, automatic cutting, automatic grinding gate, etc., realize intelligent production step by step.

Second, excellent quality
Quality is the life of an enterprise. Products are just like people. The biggest difference is actually quality. Only when all staff value quality, each process operates according to operating standards, and earnest cooperation, comprehensive quality control, data management and testing can make excellent products.

Third, environmental protection
Saving is a virtue of everyone, and everyone has the responsibility to protect the environment, not to create garbage, waste products, and littering. Careful and responsible when working, do not make defective products. Take care of our equipment and environmental protection projects, and do a good job of 6S. Form good habits of politeness, neatness, and cleanliness in life. Do not smoke or drink. Save water, electricity, gas, etc., reduce carbon emissions, and keep factories and the planet clean.

  1. Serious and responsible
    Being serious is one’s way of survival. Only by doing things seriously can we produce good products. Everyone competes in the industry and develops the spirit of craftsmanship, so that no mistakes will be made and no heavy work will be done. Responsibility is to think carefully in your job, carefully check, and hand over the product to the next process according to quality, quantity and time. Whether you are a very serious and responsible person in work, hygiene and life, then you are an excellent person.

V. Hard work
Every employee of Huawei has signed a struggle letter, and we must do the same. We must always maintain the spirit of arduous struggle, adhere to organizational discipline, and refrain from speculation. “Toughness”, “Defight” (Zeng Guofan). Honest people don’t suffer. We distribute according to work. As long as everyone has a spirit of hard work, everyone’s income will rise. We timed employees will increase salary by 3 ~ 8% year by year (increased year by year, without capping). At the same time, there are annual service awards (the more years of work, the higher). I will guarantee that our employees have the highest wages in the industry and are worthy of everyone who works hard. Use the best equipment and talents to find the best customers.

Kindness and friendliness
With a kind nature, a loving person can overcome all difficulties. If you love your family, your colleagues, your country, and your country, you will reap the same love, and your life will be full of sunshine and positive energy. Unity and love is a concrete manifestation of teamwork. Everyone only has a different division of labor, does not care, does not compete, and has the courage to take responsibility and difficulties. Be a kind and caring person. The cadres and the masses unite as one and see who can be the enemy of the world!

The twelve words of intelligence, high quality, environmental protection, conscientiousness, hard work and friendship are the mottoes of Cast Dream Company. Everyone appreciates it!